December 4, 2017

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Spring into a beautiful you!

April 7, 2017

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Beautiful Nails For Easter

April 11, 2017


For the perfect Easter inspired manicure, you can either let the professionals provide you with the perfect look and finish or you can try some DIY at home.
If you are thinking a trip to your local manicurist is the best for you, then great…..we can certainly help with that.  

We can get your hands looking perfectly pretty for the Spring season.  We have some egg..cellent (sorry, couldn’t resist that) Easter inspired designs for your nails.  Not sure what to go for?  Just ask us at enrichbeauty, we can give you some great design ideas and we have an extensive range of colours and products to ensure you have beautiful hands, so you are ready for any occasion. 
If you want to try a DIY manicure, we have a quick 6 step guide to help you get beautiful hands in the comfort of your home…..don’t stress if you make mistakes, as we are just a phone call away and can provide you with the pampering you realise you needed in the first place!  

So, here are your 6 easy steps to beautiful hands and nails


1.    Start with the prep 
Use your favourite nail varnish remover to remove any varnish that is on your nails and then soak your hands in a bowl of warm water with a little Olive Oil or Coconut Oil and 1 – 5 drops of Lavender oil. Soak for 5 – 10 mins and then gently rub the residue away with a clean towel.  This should ensure your nails are nice and clean and ready for the next steps.  

2.    For cute and tidy cuticles  
Using your favourite cuticle softener treatment gently apply to your cuticles and leave for on for as long as is recommended. Then gently push those cuticles back.  If you are too heavy handed you could damage your cuticles which can be unsightly and painful too! 

3.    Get into shape 
    If your nails are too long or uneven, cut them down with some good nail clippers and then shape the tips with a nail file. If you file your nails in one direction it will prevent breaks. 

4.    A little buffing goes a long way
 When you buff the surface of your nails it will give you a smooth and shiny finish and is a great way to finish your manicure off at this stage or you can go to the next step.  

5.    Prime, Polish and Protect
  When you apply a good quality base coat you will be giving your nails the perfect primer to help keep them strong and healthy. Once your base coat has dried choose your favourite nail polish colour and apply it with a steady hand.  Best to apply two coats…….not too heavy… this will ensure you have a longer lasting manicure.  Once the colour has dried apply a clear Top Coat, which will help strengthen and protect your nails and will help to keep the colour lasting longer too. 

6.    Massage and Moisturise
Now you have done all the hard work and your NAILS ARE PERFECTLY DRY…..sorry to shout, but your nails must be perfectly dry before you do anything else….it is time for a little relaxation, massage and moisturiser.  Choose your favourite hand moisturiser and gently massage this into your hands, applying a little pressure to get the blood flowing and to make you feel a little fantastic!




Pedicures will definitely put a spring in your step



 Don’t forget your feet……as they need to be looking perfect for your sandals and flip-flops now the warmer weather is here. A beautiful pedicure is just what you need.  Come into the salon and enjoy some pampering in our very comfy pedicure chair. We have some gorgeous products and nail polish colours that will suit your every need.  
To find out more about what services and treatments we can offer you please give us a call on 01908 411 311 or email us info.enrichbeauty@gmail.comWe look forward to hearing from you and seeing you in the Salon soon.



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